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6 Tactics for Painless Social Media Self-Promotion

A common topic for discussion is promotion for small businesses and personal brands. When it comes to social media, the responsibility for promotion falls on the shoulders of the owner (chief cook and... 

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The Awkward Line Between Social Media Marketing and Customer Care

Brands often have a difficult time, especially when handling hundreds of thousands of customers a day (even if only a small percent is on social media). Their social media teams have to straddle a very... 

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Actionable Takeaway: 4 Social Media Commerce Secrets

Here are four e-commerce strategies you don’t want you to forget. Commerce is your goal — but “social” will get your business front and center. Include videos and engaging content on... 

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8 Simple to Apply SEO Tips for Your Online Store

Being visible in searches is the key to selling your product or service online. If a consumer searches Google for one of your products, what would they find? Would your online store be at the top of the... 

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10 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them [Infographic]

To be sure your customers return and buy from you again, they must have a satisfying experience. So what does it take to deliver outstanding and above and beyond customer service? The simple answer: An... 

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