6 Tactics for Painless Social Media Self-Promotion

A common topic for discussion is promotion for small businesses and personal brands. When it comes to social media, the responsibility for promotion falls on the shoulders of the owner (chief cook and bottle washer). Even though my books are published by one of the top 10 publishers in the world, I still need to take responsibility for my own brand.

I’ve personally been promoting my work and books in the real world and online for over 15 years and it’s the most difficult task on my plate. Even on the “About” pages of my websites, I am loathe to blow my own horn. I might consider myself an introvert, or I might just feel the mere act is bragging.

To be fair to those who do it well, it takes nerve to think there are thousands of people waiting around to hang on to your latest words or hot new project. We may have products, businesses or books to promote, but not everyone has a similar promotional style.

Social media is a bit like Dish Network’s Auto Hop. A feature which enables viewers to jump past commercials and get back to the show. Especially when your promotional messages become too overwhelming — folks will just tune you out and unfollow.Your job is not to leave people feeling spammed.

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3 Responses to “6 Tactics for Painless Social Media Self-Promotion”
  1. Hi Marcia,
    Local news station, KTLA channel 5, has just shared a clip of you being the eBay guru and giving hints on how to sell on eBay. That piqued my interest and when I went to find out more about it- I was thankful to see all of these books, your blogs and the responses from many people who have all good things to say about your techniques.
    Today, I am ready to absorb what I can from your experiences and actually take the first step in trying to sell something on eBay.
    Like you, I tend to shy away from self-promotion, however, it is very necessary in the business that I am now a part of- Booking & Promotions for the Seabird Jazz Lounge in Long Beach, California.
    I am excited to learn from you and ask to be a part of your newsletter or blogs.
    Thank you in advance for all that you do.
    Deborah Dubose

  2. Diana Adams says:

    Hello Marsha,

    I love this post. I’ve shared it so many times! Thank you for always providing so much value in your posts.


  3. I love all of your tips Marcia! We used to chat on Facebook years ago. I miss chatting with you!
    Hope all is well and I look forward to reading up on more of your tips.

    ~ Tonya

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