Anyone can benefit from selling and servicing customers online

Online Tips for eCommerce

These articles answer many questions you have about how things work well online. These quick-guides will show you how to improve your online presence and make your selling even easier.

Step By Step Guide to Leaving Feedback on eBay

There are several ways to leave feedback on eBay, here's how
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Add Mood and Activities to Facebook Updates with Emoticons

Share your mood or activity on Facebook with emoticons
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Online Customer Service Chat

I co-founded the Twitter #custserv chat in 2009 . It happens every Tuesday night at 9pm - 10pm ET and it consists of a loyal group of customer service thought leaders, managers and customers who tweet and discuss different pre-selected topics.
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Dangerous Email

Online users been getting emails that look like they are from eBay (or other seemingly reliable sources), but they’re not. Unscrupulous internet sales scammers have somehow gotten hold of our email addresses and used our mailboxes for their “Get Rich on eBay” scams. There’s even a more dangerous email going around, this one not only […]
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Digital Image Lighting Tips

It’s all in the bulb you use! Regular incandescent bulbs will throw a yellowish tone on your images. If you take your photos in florescent lighting, they will have a blue tone. I’ve had some great luck with Halogen 50 watt track lights that throw beautiful white light (they have a regular screw in base), […]
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eBay Search Tips

When searching here are a few general tricks to keep in mind: A simple search phrase: antique necklace returns auctions with antique AND necklace anywhere in the title, and in any order – or in the description – if you indicate for the engine to search descriptions as well as titles. Using quotes, as in […]
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Researching Your Items

Recently I’ve received emails from new eBay sellers very upset because their items aren’t selling. One in particular caught my eye and I went over all their auctions to see what was wrong. I looked at each auction and saw that the auctions were clean (no distracting backgrounds or dancing gifs); their images were large […]
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