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Quick tools you can use to help you with your website and ecommerce efforts.
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eBay Fee Calculator: eBay changes their fee structure often, I not longer host a Fee Calculator. Currently, the best I can find is salecalc.


Click here to for Simple to use HTML Generator for your listing descriptions.
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Over 40 Shortcuts For Web Browsers

Keystrokes to Save Time in Chrome, FireFox and Internet Explorer I’m all about using keystrokes instead of clicking! I also love the controls available on my mouse. The tables below give you a list of documented shortcuts. You’ll see that whether you use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Apple Safari that they have […]
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Free Small Business Forms

Does your business ever need a special form, agreement or license and you have no idea where to find the right form? Sometimes you need something for a new employee or consulting. I know I find myself in that situation every so often and I don’t keep a stock of official forms in my office. […]
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HTML colors in hex numbers

For any page on the web, you might want to use a specific color. I put this chart together to help myself select colors to call out easily on my own pages. Here’s hundreds of colors that you can use for your page’s background, foreground or text. Just type the corresponding code to the color […]
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FAQ: Online Acronyms and eBay Abbreviations

You may see these words (acronyms or initalisms) as you go from place to place on the web. Also, when shopping online, many sellers use these abbreviations to get their sales points across quickly. OMG: you know @@: Just lurking @md reading but not participating on a chat board 404: Somebody who hasn’t got a […]
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What is the USPS Postal zone from your ZIP Code?

The first 3-digits of your destination ZIP Code determine the zone. The USPS has a handy tool which will help you immediately generate a page (like the one below for your own Zip code). Click HERE to go to the USPS zome chart generator. ZIP Code Prefix Zone ZIP Code Prefix Zone 005..098 8 679 […]
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Wholesale Merchandise Marts

2013 – 2014 Wholesale Trade Shows Shows Place Date GTS Greensboro Show Greensboro, NC Apr 6-8, 2013 The Chicago Market Chicago, IL Apr 8-9, 2013 Oasis Albuquerque Gift Show Albuquerque, NM Apr 10-11, 2013 IDEX Premiere Orlando, FL Apr 11-14, 2013 New York Tabletop Show New York, NY Apr 16-19, 2013 International Home Furnishings Market […]
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Postal Rate & Zone Information

Know the costs - so you can plan ahead.
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World Time Zones

For eBay users outside the U.S. This will convert ebay time to your time.
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United States Time Zone Chart

If you live in the U.S. this chart will convert eBay time to your time zone.
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Online Descriptions that Sell

Read this and you'll get a quick lesson on writing your descriptions
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