Straight Talk

Is your business at a crossroads? Need some guidance?

Lets do a 1-on-1 and work out your challenges!

I know you have the passion and the drive, but you may need a nudge to confirm your plans. Perhaps your social media isn’t targeting the way you want? Is your e-commerce falling a little flat? A Google search and well-intended advice from your friends isn’t enough. Here’s your opportunity to take advantage of my 30 plus years of experience in eBay, ecommerce, customer service and social media outeach.

A one-hour private consultation with Marsha Collier can save you many wasted hours. You may just be stuck, and the answer may be right there in front of you. I’ve spent countless hours scouring my sources to find solutions to some very esoteric situations. Fill out the form below to schedule your first consultation appointment. I can generally fit you in within a day or two. Let’s get to work!

Marsha Collier quote

For a small investment, I can help you get back on track or work with you on a special challenge you might be having. Let’s outline where you need to be, what and how to best say it.

  • I Listen to YOU: Everyone’s challenges are unique, but all have some basic underpinnings for success. We’ll target those and get you on the right track.
  • Laser Focus: The key to any good business is narrowing in on a situation. I’ve seen lots of great ideas wilt because they get sidetracked in their execution. Tell me your issues and I’ll ask probing questions to best encapsulate your specific needs. I’ll give you actionable insights to carry forward.
  • Decisive Insights: Businesses have benefitted from my low cost solutions through my books for many years. Though our call we can look at which tools will fit your situation best – if you need any right now.
  • Strategy for YOUR Business: What’s good for one, may not be good for another. I’ll help you wade through the options to solidify plans you can start with right now.
  • Customer Service Basics: With any business you are the front line. We’ll go over your strategy and hone your skills to best serve your customer. Thereby making repeat business and referrals your best sales tool.

Contact me and let’s figure out how I can help!