Postal Rate & Zone Information

Our partners in eBay at the US Postal Service will be raising their rates continually. This will change the way we mail our packages. No longer will it be a simple flat-fee per pound. We’ll have to calculate rates for all our listings.

Click here to see the new rates.

Since the new postal system will be run by zones, you’ll need to know how your zone relates to the rest of the country to calculate your postage.Click here for an interactive link that will put a zone chart together for your zip code mailing. You might also want to link to a chart for your buyers, that lets them know what zone they are in from your shipping area.

I recommend you put together a shipping chart, clickable from all your listings, that will give your customers postage rates for their purchases (all you have to do is quote the weight of the package). You will have to add any Delivery Confirmation fees and/or handling fees you charge to the postage for this chart.

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