eBay Search Tips

When searching here are a few general tricks to keep in mind:

A simple search phrase: antique necklace returns auctions with antique AND necklace anywhere in the title, and in any order – or in the description – if you indicate for the engine to search descriptions as well as titles.

Using quotes, as in “antique necklace” will show every auction with the exact phrase antique necklace in its title or description.

A search with an asterisk * (upshift of the number 8 key) acts as a wild card. You want a necklace from the 1800s? Search 18** necklace.

Commas can be used without a space between the words, as in kennedy,nixon. This search returns titles that mention either kennedy and/or nixon.

Parentheses can encase a search as in the quarters example above. A search for (quarter,quarters) (roll,rolls) will give you every auction for quarter rolls, roll of quarters, or rolls of quarters.

Not a search trick, but perhaps the most important thing to do on eBay: check the seller’s feedback before bidding on an item. eBay gives you the tools to protect yourself – so be sure to do it!

The books, “eBay For Dummies” and “Starting an eBay Business” are loaded with many more tips that can help you finesse the eBay search engine so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.
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