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Are a businessperson – or a customer who is passionate about the importance of good customer service? Do you work in some aspect of the customer service industry?

I co-founded the Twitter #custserv chat in 2009. We get together every Tuesday night at 9pm – 10pm ET and the chat consists of a loyal group of customer service thought leaders, managers and customers who tweet and discuss different pre-selected topics.

If you aren’t joining in the always provocative, informative, rowdy, raucous, friendly free-for-all that is the #custserv, you’re missing not only a fun discussion, but a real learning experience. Please join me along with co-hosts Greg Ortbach and Roy Atkinson (who goes into disguise as our official customer service greeter).

My book, The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide, was my inspiration to start this group. Please click to enjoy a free chapter on The Art of Customer Service.

We produce a transcript every week, below you will find links to the archives. We hope you will stop by and join in our lively discussions.

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