Quake Hold Putty

quakehold2Quake Hold secures hard to position items for photography

Have you ever tried to photograph an item held at a certain angle, and just couldn’t get it to pose like you wanted it to? Quake Hold Putty can help.

I discovered this product after the Northridge, CA earthquake destroyed everything I owned. Once I started using it to affix collectibles to shelves, I tried it for stabilizing items for photography. It works great and leaves no residue like beeswax. .
Quake Hold! is removable, reusable, non-toxic and clean. Simply pull off the amount you need, roll it in your fingers until soft, then apply to the bottom of the item you want to secure in place. With a slight twist while pressing down, QuakeHold! adheres with suction-like strength. Another twist will release the bond. Non-damaging to most finishes, not recommended for unfinished woods.

Quake Hold is only $6.99 for a package that secures up to 40 items permanently if you wish and it’s reusable. Shipping is $2.50 (or its shipped Free with the purchase of another item. Credit cards are accepted through PayPal. Click the Buy Now button below to purchase.
If you want more than one, order them and the additional shipping will be refunded,

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