Portable Photography Backdrop Stage

from Cloud Dome

Ebay Sellers! This is for you! Are you tired of trying to find a nice clear spot to take your pictures for eBay sales? Sure you could spend a fortune on backdrops and muslin, but this handy, portable stage works (without glare) flawlessly every time. This is the most versatile product that I’ve found for tabletop photography.

The Infiniti Board is white textured, washable and scratch proof. It can be used flat or curved; the height and curve are adjustable with the attached locking cords.

The total size is 18 inches wide by 28 inches long. In the pictures below, I used a milk carton to balance the back of the board!

(The seltzer bottle is not included in this sale – it’s for demonstration only).

I scour the country looking for new reasonably priced tools for the eBay seller. Check my feedback to see that customer service is the byword of my eBay Business. The board is $32.99 (only on this website), and you can click below to send payment via PayPal.

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