Photo Stage Studio Kit w/2 5000°k Lights

Seller’s Portable Photo Studio For Great Pictures

 Photo Stage Studio Kit w/2 5000°k LightsTired of your auctions having fuzzy pictures? This inexpensive photo studio kit will help you improve your listings. It’s perfectly suited for online images.

  • TWO Cloud Dome Flip Lights: 19 inch Folding True Color Diamond Grading Lights with Compact Fluorescent Bulb
  • Energy Efficient 13 watt compact Fluorescent Bulb 5000k
  • Automatic Shut-Off When Folded Up
  • ONE 18″ x 28″ Infinity Board to produce images without backgrounds
  • Perfect for 2 Light Macro Photography to Eliminate Shadows

The light-weight and portable Infinity board is the perfect background matte for photographing a variety of images. The effect of the background is simple, your images stand out, while the board fades away to infinity. This makes cropping and digitally adjusting color and contrast an easier task. 

This is one of the best starter kits around, especially at the price, $82.95 only on this website, plus shipping & handling of $13.00, credit cards are accepted through PayPal. Click the Buy Now button below to purchase.

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