Limited to 100 eBay Varsity Jacket by Roots

varsitylgeBay Varsity Jacket Only 100 made by Roots

When these jackets came out I knew I had to have one. Yes, its outrageously expensive, but then again I’ve never seen a letterman’s jacket in this quality.

Thank said, I bought four additional for the future. The Jackets are true to size, made of the navy blue wool (with quilted lining – this baby is for cold weather)and has buttery soft white leather arms. The eBay logo is embroidered on the breast, and in the inside of the jacket is the eBay logo again with the number of the jacket. The year (95) is (of course) made of two layers of felt and embroidered on to the sleeve.
Only 100 were made. I have four available as:

  • Small #75 of 100
  • only 3 smalls were manufacured, and I have the other)
  • Medium #51 of 100
  • Large #30 of 100
  • Extra Large (XL) #21 of 100

These jackets are $275.00 each (I told you they were expensive). Prior to ordering, please email me and let me know which size you need..

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