Basic Cloud Dome Image Kit

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Cloud Dome Image Kit
Improve your Close-Ups:Macro images w/Focus & True Color!

All eBay seller’s know that close-ups; especially jewelry, coins, diamonds, watches, stamps and more are very difficult to photograph. If you take the trouble to light your pictures correctly, you run the chance of washing out the color and detail of your product. With Cloud Dome, you can get the close-ups that will really sell your item! It floods a neutral white light over the item and acts as a tripod to sharpen the image. It also works great with chips & circuit boards, fossils, documents, stocks, bonds, artifacts, minerals, foliage, evidence and more. When you use a Cloud Dome with appropriate lighting you can improve any close up image!

The extension collar extends your length of focus – so images are yours without the stress of trying to focus! By adding the extension collar to the CloudDome, the focal length is increased to 16 inches and the diameter of your image area to 18 inches. Simply mount your digital camera to the standard Universal bracket on the top of the dome, set the Cloud Dome on the extension collar and take your pictures.

This sale is for one (1) Cloud Dome, one (1) coated white Standard Universal Bracket, one (1) extension collar with instructions.

The Cloud Dome kit is $162.99 plus $14 shipping (includes insurance and Delivery Confirmation Credit cards are accepted through PayPal only. Click the button below to buy.








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