Big Social Media Numbers Don’t Always Equal Dollars

TweetLevel Scores

TweetLevel Scores

If your online goal is to conclude a sale to (or build your brand) with your social media friends and fans, you’ll have to give these folks a cold, hard look. Some believe that more is better. But more what? You need to focus on people who, at the end of the day, may purchase something from you directly or through your website.

Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, and other tools will help you decide if you’re playing in the right ballpark. If your message isn’t being received by the right people, you’re wasting time and money in social media.

Content is indeed king (quality content, that is) and your levels of engagement and connection are what will draw attention to your brand. Quality content means publishing information that you think your followers, fans, or subscribers want to read – not what you want them to read. If you don’t work your social media accounts, they cannot possibly work for you.

Connecting is even more relevant when it comes to Twitter, where members seem to make hobbies of gaining tens of thousands of followers. Many of those on the site rarely tweet, but they get a thrill out of gaining more and more followers. Following accounts like those are a waste of time, and in the end hurt your trust and credibility on the site. Conversely, having a high number of followers does not mean that you are influential on the site.

The Edelman Trust Barometer, is an annual study on building trust through business and relationships globally. It has had a monster effect empowering businesses by providing the data to understand how to connect with customers with a high level of credibility.

The Edelman Barometer states that 77 percent of people refused to buy products or services from a company they distrusted.

“It is trust that makes someone act – for this reason alone, having a high trust score is considered by many to be more important than any other category. Trust can be measured by the number of times someone is happy to associate what you have said through them – in other words, how often you are retweeted.”

You can search your Twitter account (or the competitions) to see how your tweets resound on Twitter. To measure Twitter trust levels (and more), visit

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  1. Absolutely. It is all about your interactions. You must comment and participate with others – their responses to you show you that your outreach is progressing

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